About the project

Agriculture plays an important role in Greece and Albania, but crop production is a risky activity due to uncertainties on product price and frequent yield decrease. As studies have shown, among factors affecting crop yield, climate is the most important constraint to achieve high productivity over years. Yield decrease occurs mostly due to low rainfall during sensitive crop stages and also by non-optimal temperature over crop cycle, sometimes extreme, like occasional frost. Climate indirectly affects production through the use of pesticides. However, as technology evolves, new sophisticated systems have been developed which can provide valuable help to farmers. Such systems use agrometeorological data from weather stations located strategically in areas of agricultural importance to provide useful information for operational decision making, such as fertilization, irrigation, pests and diseases control schedules, etc. Knowledge on climatic conditions during growing season also provides valuable information to assess the expected production of a particular crop in a region. The proposed project aims to install two such systems, one in the Region of Gjirocaster and one in the Region of Western Macedonia. The specific locations will be chosen during the implementation of the project. Such systems have been successfully installed in various countries worldwide and results are available which show the attractiveness of such a solution. TEIWM, the Greek partner, having access to relevant studies will be responsible for the scientific approach used, while DRV, the Albanian partner is the strongest administrative body regarding rural development in the area.

Expected benefits from the installation of the agrometeorological systems are:
• Extremely high savings on presticide use
• Protection of products from overspay
• Improved quality of agricultural products resulting also in better market gains
• Reduction of production costs
• Effective control of crop pests
• Protection of operators from unnecessary excessive exposure to pesticides
• Complete and accurate record of weather
• Alarming for extreme weather conditions

The social groups which gain benefits from the installation of the system include:
• Farmers and farmer unions
• Agronomists – consultants
• Local and government authorities
• Students and Researchers